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You Can Get a Magnificent Look by Painting Your Old Furniture with Chalk

For those passionate about nostalgic furnishings it is very important to transform old furniture and make it reusable. If you are the ones who cannot give up old furniture, we will tell you what to do in this writing to make your closet look decorative.

Is not the chalk-painted furniture you see in the picture wonderful? With this writing, you can transform your old furniture into a new product with chalk paint.

First of all, decide which furniture you need to renew. This furniture can be any furniture you want to give your home a nostalgic look. Then make sure that the paint density and tone used for this work are appropriate for you. The example used here can be adjusted to your taste by changing the intensity in your own experiments.

Coming back to work. First, peel off the old paint and layer on the material. However, some furniture may be susceptible to peeling due to the woody variety. For this reason, you can use small-scale sanding to get the job done more professionally.

Materials Usage

The most popular chalk table may not be Annie Sloan’s. There are many different DIY recipes available for such a product, but Annie Solan can be used directly to avoid time loss for those who have never experienced such an application. You will have enough quantities of a product with an average product size of 13m2 (equivalent to 2 or 3 small / medium sized furniture). This product is a little expensive, beside this, it can also be difficult to find on the market. You may not be able to meet this brand in every geography, but try to find a paint that is at least close to the quality of Annie Solan.

Then, apply the gluing process at the places where the adhesive of the same brand is needed. It is very important to use a quality brush during all these painting and gluing operations. The poor quality of the brush can cause all your efforts to be wasted. You really don’t want to encounter this kind of this bad results. It may also lead to your enthusiasm breaking in the first place, as it will lead you to think that the worse problem is with you. Please, pay attention this warning. Using cheap products seems to be good at first, but the resulting workmanship can make you feel more wounded because you do not have to spend a little money at first.


Inspired by the 18th and 19th century decorations, you will have the beauty of chalking paint that you can apply in your own furniture and a lot of color options that will surely be worth it. This matt and not very bright paint will have a dusty, velvety effect, and it will help you to create a very beautiful product especially for those who admire nostalgic decorations. You may not reach perfection the first time, but do not give up. After a few attempts, we can guarantee that you will admire your own ability.



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