You Can Also Prepare a Wonderful Shawl to Stay Warm During Cold Winter Days

Items and outfits are among the basic accessories that should not be missing in any wardrobe. Stalls can be worn for almost any occasion at any time.

Whether you are in your free time or at work, you can give your stylish scarf or cloth to the final touch and prove your style. In addition, you can also make new branches, because there are so many different combinations for women that there are almost endless options. The basic use is to cover the loose cloth over the shoulder. You’re almost ready when you wind it cross to your neck.

With the upcoming cold days, you should also give yourself time to prepare such beautiful things. you can also design it as a gift for your friends or you can wrap it for your kids by playing with their size and colors. Do not forget to use your imagination as usual.

In fashion shops, scarves and outfits are always presented in the same pattern and colors, and these are often not very creative. Instead, you can knit yourself for the most suitable cloth or scarf for your individual taste and style.

Here, we will try to give you some different models and design information to guide you.

We chose a lively and colorful shawl for our first model. Estimated dimensions for this product with a spacious and comfortable design; It will be 115 cm x 170 cm x 115 cm.

The weaving skills required to prepare this weave are the knowledge of sowing and suturing, as well as binding skills.

Materials required;

  • Approximately 350g wool – barrel length 100m / 50g (needle size 4.0-4.5)

Basically, any wool-to-bezel squares with the appropriate needle size look beautiful even though they are later larger or smaller than the wool size. It is important that wools of different colors have the same wool thickness or length. Otherwise all wool residues can be used (see picture). Square size here: 9.5 cm

  • Knitting needles thickness 5.0
  • Sewing needle without point and scissors

If you have any questions during the application, do not hesitate to ask.



One more example;

Our second example is indispensable for cold seasons. Thanks to its buttons, it adapts to every size and has a very practical use. By following the procedures, we will describe step by step, you can prepare such a beautiful shawl yourself.

The estimated length of the design we will discuss here will be 90 cm and the width will be 26 cm.

Materials required;

  • Crochet hooks Nu. 8 (if you want it a little more often you can use number 7 instead of 8)
  • 3 buttons at least 25 mm in diameter
  • A wool needle for sewing
  • 78 m / 50 g long wools.

With these materials, you can prepare this beautiful and warm-holding shirt seen in the photo above. For the details of the model you can get the printout of the photo. In general, it is easier to follow the models through black and white photocopiers with increased contrast.


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