Best 36 Beautiful and Exotic Girl Outfits

The way society has viewed black fashion styles 2021, in general, is changing, but not everyone agrees with this change. Many people think that black fashion shouldn’t change, or that it should be improved. Black women fashion designers Claire and Thom discuss how their clothes are created from creativity and what they hope to gain by creating fashionable pieces including whether the clothes they design help create a platform for awareness within their community. Claire and Thom are a duo of fashion designers who work together on Claire’s clothes and Thom’s accessories.

Black Fashion Designer Claire and Thom

They have been creating fashion for about three years now. Most of their inspiration comes from historical events that happened in the past, such as slavery and the civil rights movement, but they also look up to modern-day black designers who work in similar ways to them. Claire is the one designing the actual clothes but Thom is the one designing the accessories because he has a lot more experience with design.


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