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Beautiful Rug Motifs That You Can Use in Bags or Sweaters

I would like to show a lot of examples about knitting design. Especially wonderful patterns can be created from the patterns made with rug motifs. And it is possible not only to make rugs, but also to make ladies’ bags or shorts with this design. Perhaps the best ability about the ladies is knitting. Knitting works also have meditation effect on us.

When I start to knit, I feel myself very relaxed at incredible dose.

The name of the knitting to be used to reveal these rug motifs is “cross stitch”. The cross stitch is like the sign of the state of Minnesota. Those who follow the Fargo sequence will remember that this motif has seen so much.

You should pay attention to the washing of the products made by cross stitching. If you wash at a low degree of heat, the motifs revealed by cross stitching are quickly deteriorated due to the spun and elongation of the threads. Knitting in the canvas requires more skill than normal knitting.

You can look at pictures for beautiful cross stitch examples;

One of the most used motifs here is the heart. Another model is square or rectangular because it is a very convenient way to create geometric shapes. However, depending on your abilities, you can also create Santa Claus figurative rug motifs for Christmas. Again all the work is your imagination. One of the heavily used motifs is the use of animal symbols. I remember the figures of a deer or a deer horn when it comes to rug motif.

Apart from the rug, I said it was the ideal mesh for bags. But all you can do is not so limited. It is also great to make winter socks with this method. Usually symmetrical motifs are used, but more symmetrically they can be designed as independent strips extending horizontally to each other. Thus, they can design rugs of infinite length. Of course nobody wants to be a rug in eternal length. That’s why you can combine as many motifs as you like with the length you need.

If you want to design something for children, you can include lovely figures. For example, I used the penguin motif,

Other than penguin; a cute kitten, an orange fox, an owl or panda figures are wonderful. If you choose this method to knit sweaters, you can use these motifs as you wish. If you are preparing a sweater for your partner, maybe these figures might be a little inappropriate. You can also give your husband a sweater with coffee motif.

Mostly purple and red or orange and green are preferred, but I love blue and white or dark yellow and the harmony of beige colors.

You can also prepare rug motifs according to your taste, or you can create motifs from ready-made templates available on the internet. The best part is that you can create your own designs by ordering different motifs at the time you want.

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