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This Authentic and Vintage House Design Will Blow Your Mind

Are you willing to get some inspiration for the new design of your house? In case this is the case, you are in the right place and all you have to do is check out the pictures that we have shared with you. In this article, we will highlight some of the details in these images. As you can see the house is decorated in a vintage style where there is even a motorcycle in the bedroom. For those who wonder the details of this house, here it is: this is a design of Bricks Studio which offers services in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

As you can see the first room resembles the old United Kingdom. Thanks to the clock hang on the ceiling, the atmosphere of the room changed a lot and it helps you to create a vintage effect. There are plenty of accessories hanging on the wall but all of them are in the same color or in similar color with the color of the walls. The environment lit with some additional lighting on the walls and brown is the color which dominates the room.

The kitchen designed in a manner where the comfort is on the forefront. The long countertop will allow you to prepare and cook foods comfortably. There is a dining table in the middle of the kitchen where you can host plenty of your friends or family members at a time.

There is a minimalist approach in the third image which can be used as a guest room. The room is lit with spotlights but they used yellow bulbs in order to provide an authentic environment. It is always better to prefer the yellow bulbs rather than the white ones in order to let your room look more lively and warm.

The fourth image directly focuses on the living room again but this time we have a more detailed look at the accessories on the wall. As you can use such accessories you can prefer the photos of your family members on the wall however you need to be sure that they must look old in order to achieve the same effect in the room.

The fifth image is another bedroom in the house where minimalist approach preferred again. As you can see there are very small details which do not disturb the eyes. However, you will find more objects in the main bedroom where there is even a motorcycle as we noted before. Black and white dominates the bedroom which can complete the main theme of the house where the similar colors are preferred in almost all of the rooms apart from the living room where brown is the dominant color.

The last room is the office. The picture hung on the wall offers a perspective for the room and the entire room is separated from the other room with glass. The lighting is very important in your office in order to relax your eyes when you work for long hours and this office designed very well in order to ensure people to work efficiently.

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