Amazing Things You Can Do With Drinking Straws

If you only use straws to drink something, you should also know that there are also Do-It-Yourself projects that you can do with straws. Let’s give a practical example of how you can evaluate drinking straws with a few examples. you can vacuum a bag with a straw or use it to measure the end of the filling machine. With your drinking straws, you can decorate your bicycle’s wheels in color, or you can prevent them from being knotted by passing your chains of jewelry, which are very easy to move around. For example, if you come to a Practical Do-It-Yourself works with a straw, you can fill your disposable personal care products such as shower gel, shampoo, cleaning gel, toothpaste, and reheat the other end to travel with you to the pipette where you heat and glue a tip with a lighter. For more, watch the video below.

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