Amazing Ideas that you can create with Pebbles

Pebbles are natures beads. They are all natural and you can get really creative with them. They have a lot of uses if you know how to recreate them. We have gathered some ideas that you can create with pebbles. I love to use wood in house decoration but pebbles are also a really good source for the natural decoration. Let’s see what we gathered for you!

1. Candle Holder

This is a must to have in my house! These pebbles look like they are gathered around a campfire and telling horror stories. As beautiful as it looks you can see it is very easy to do it as well. All you need is to find nice looking pebbles on the beach.

If you are interested in this, please check out the below-stated source link for a detailed explanation.


2. Pebble Hot Pad

If you spend some time in the kitchen, then you know how great to use stone related products. Fşrst of all they are very healthy. Second, easy to use and clean. In this case, pebbles are used as a hot pad for hot beverages and etc. It is also very simple, but for more information and tricks you can check below-stated source link.


3. Door Mat

Until now, I m sure you realized that how easy and simple yet effective to use pebbles. Here is another example of it. You can create a doormat out of pebbles which can filter the water on your shoes during winter time and evaporates it better than a normal doormat. This way, you don’t have to worry about your doormat getting wet. If you are interested please check below stated source link for details.


4. Another Candle Holder

Even though the first post was my favorite candle holder, this is a great design to hang on the wall as well. I believe it will create a rustic atmosphere around the room. If you want to know more about this, please check out the below-stated source link.


5. Pebble Bird Art

What a great thought! This is a great design to hang your home or even better you can give this as a gift!


6. Pebble Cat Art

This is another example similar to bird art but with cats. Common enemies can be great on your wall.


7. Another Cat Pebbles

For some reason, this one looks very cute and makes me want to hang on my wall.


8. Emotion Pebbles

While people express themselves with emojis you can do it with pebbles.


9. Mouse Pebbles

If there is a bird and a cat there must be a mouse. Don’t worry these are cute ones.


10. Pebble Art

This is very creative! Artist used pebbles on the painting and it looks astonishing.



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