51 Photos That Prove You Can Never Go Wrong Wearing Yellow

Of all the colors in the entire universe, Yellow appears the only color people are so afraid to wear, and apart from that, barely can you see the color being utilized in other areas like homes, interiors, and tech. According to a study, yellow is the color Brits are so afraid to wear, but that is excluding celebrities.

photo: Instagram/chicamastyle

Style note: If you cannot go all-yellow, offset it with other colors, maybe with your accessories or whatsoever.

It’s no doubt the beaming color is gaudy, attention-grabbing, and whatever you may call it but just so you know, based on color theory, “Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy.” So, with all that lofty attributes, why should the color face such a rejection especially when it comes to fashion The answer is simple and we think it has to do with confidence and the fear of mixing and matching the color in the wrong way.

However, since we’re always here to help, there are a slew of chic women out there who are super sassy when it comes to pulling off bright colors and we’ve combed through their photo caches to inspire you with yellow pieces. So whether in off-duty looks, work outfits, or something for bridesmaids, click on to see the different ways the women are making the color covet-worthy, then copy the looks for when you are at a loss for what to wear.






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