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50 Must Try Coffin Nail Ideas For 2023

If you love long nails then you will rejoice for coffin nails and their interesting designs. Coffin shape nails (also called ballerina nails) are not a new trend but still, remain popular today. These nails were popular in the ’90s but haven’t lost their appeal.

There are a lot of nail shapes to choose from and all have something special but the coffin-shaped nail is one of my favorite among almond and stiletto-shaped nails. Short coffin nail designs are awesome as well however they are usually long.

One of the best features of coffin shape design is that they are practical and not as pointy as Stellito nails. For your inspiration, I have put together 41 beautiful nail art designs from talented artists.

Coffin nails

Here are 50+ Beautiful Coffin Nail Ideas

Coffin Style Cool Maroon Matte Nail art

This design is pretty and although matte polish is known for not being as long-lasting as other polish it’s trendy right now. If you want to be in the trend this idea is worth trying.

Maroon nails with Rhinstone

Beautiful Nail Art Design for You

Glittering on matte nails takes your design to a whole other level. The color ranges from dark burgundy to a full glitter nail on the small finger.

matte, glitter and gems

Glossy Lila Modern Manicure Art

These pastel blue colors are pretty and should keep an eye on. If you are into shiny light-colored nails that are as delicate but not as cute as pink. This is worth trying. This is gorgeous and not over the top. Manicure nails with some crystals for a sweet design. Beautiful acrylic nail coffin design idea.

blue coffin nails

Rhinestone Accent Coffin Acrylic Nails

Rhinestone gems add some creativity to your nail designs. This is an easy design when you use rhinestones that already have the shape you need. You can shop this one on Amazon 1500Pcs Mixed Flat Back Crystal Rhinestones Gems for 3D Nail

peach nails white large Rhinestone and small ones

V French Tip Nails

If you are used to wearing French tips this is something similar but more modernized. This is a great new look on the classic French tip nails that could be a little dated. Stylish matte coffin nail ideas for a sophisticated feel.

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v tip french manicure with matte

Cream White ballerina nails

Cream white coffin cute nails are charming and give a delicate look. These white designs if perfect for prom/weddings. This nail design is great for all age groups and is a bit simplistic. If you are looking for something with a minimal design then try this.

Cream Coffin Nail ideas

Geometric Chocolate Brown Acrylic Nails

Brown, pattern, and rhinestones create fabulous ballerina nails. Each finger has a unique design and amazing designs to die for. Unique designs and shape nails are great and if you love long nails these brown earth-tone matte Finish. I love this nail polish as well

Brown Matte nail art

Khaki green, Matte Nail Design

Khaki green is trendy right now and totally worth trying. I would have not thought these two colors could work together. This nail design is beautiful, the green with peachy pink, gemstone, and glitter is the real deal. This will make your friends all want to get nails like yours.

matte coffin nails with gold glitter and green and peach

Lime Green Matte Polish with Rhinestones

This mint green nail design is easy to do and will let you feel super chic. This design is perfect for spring, and summertime. These are popular for weddings and during the winter and spring seasons.

green coffin shape nails with rhinestones and pearls

With Multiple Designs

Multi-design shows your unique personality. Want to show off your unique personality this design may just do that. For your next manicure just try it all, this is trying out all the stuff.

Cute manicure designs

Matte Polish and Studs accent nail

Crystals are a nice way to make your design look even more beautiful. Also great if you are new to ballerina nail designs. If you want to have some matte design but with some studs. Studs give this design some personality. Perfect design for the office.

edgy nails with studs

Black black nail design coffin

Bold black design, the shade of the nail is glamorous, black being bold and the white brings out the life of the nail. These are not as hard as you may think but do take some practice. I tried doing this took me a few tries so practice a bit and you will get it. If you want it for a special event now then get it done by a professional.

black coffin nails

Matte Red Nails

Red Coffin nails, red base color on all nails ring finger got rosy design. Minimal design that you can enjoy at any time.

Long rRed Nails Ideas

Christmas Art Designs With Snowflakes

The perfect little nail art design for winter. If you are someone who wants to celebrate winter without going too practical with red and white colors this nail design is worth trying.

Nail idea with snowflake

Heart Shape Matte, Romantic Mani

We heart it, these short coffin nail designs are perfect for Valentine’s. Also, the dark color is great for winter. Also if you dont want long nails this short design you can enjoy. Red manicure are among some of the most popular color choices.

short valentine nails

Feeling the Army Look Designs

Try out these baddies when you want something to show your boss’s side. If you love to take Instagram photos this is a winner. Do you get the urban trend feel!?

Fake coffin nail designs

Nude Clean Design

The natural look may need some more work. You have to find a more natural color like light pink and matte white nail lacquer to apply on the base and tips of your nails.

ballerina nail shape

Red and Black Short Nails

The next design is super interesting and it is done on short ballerina nails. Getting a coffin acrylic nail design could be something as simple and elegant as this one.

short coffin nails

Light Pink with Accent gold glitter

When in doubt light pink is a go-to color for all skin tones. To add a little design to the pink nails, give one finger a coat of gold glitter. These pretty nude finishes with a golden glitter accent elevate the style.

nude coffin nails

Easy Pink Elegant Nail Art with Accent Rhinestones

This design is perfect for beginners, light pink base, and some rhinestones to it. This is an easy way to do your nails with a simple solid color and rhinestone.

soft pink nails and rhinstones

Long Pink Design

Long pink manicures that are sophisticated and can go from the office right into a formal event. The simpler the nails design the more sophisticated they look when long.

light pink color nail art

Pastel Orange coffin acrylic nail designs

Pink pastel colors are great when you are unsure of what look you going for. Pastel Orange nails with a little touch of flower on the finger of your choice. These will look great on you during the spring and summer seasons. These summer nail inspo will suit you well.

Peach color nails

Translucent Outline Nails and Gold

Be sure to have this done by an expert not beginner friendly. For the stylish woman who is bold and beautiful.

black Outline Nails

Bright Yellow Coffin Style nails

Sunny bright yellow nails, this matte color will certainly catch the eyes of others. Perfect nail color for Spring, Summer, and Autumn. These will leave an impression and yellow can be worn with a black outfit to create a beautiful contrast.

Yellow coffin nails

Translucent White Nails

Translucent nail mix with white is fun. Clear base nail polish and add your white design on top. Draw it if you can but if not get done professionally. These will go well with anything in your wardrobe.

white coffin nail ideas

Classy White Short Designs

White nails are pretty fun when done right. These are elegant and also fun, the perfect Nails for weddings and formal events. The touch of crystals on the tip and the little extra flair by adding the clear and white design mix on one of the nails with some rhinestones for that extra glam.

white nails

Black and Silver Nails

This simple but dramatic look is a popular choice for girls new to design. Black and silver color alternating, a great choice for beginners. Paint a simple black line on silver nails or buy black strip tape for perfect lines.

black coffin nails

Silver and White Glitter Nail

Long nail art design with white and silver design. The long nail coffin shape is elegant and the glitter is a lovely touch. If you want design inspiration for your wedding maybe you will like this look.

coffin nails with glitter

Edgy Black style

Black acrylic nails are bold with silver-edged, this is probably one of my favorite black designs. These black ballerina design nails will look great for prom and will go well with most outfits.

black glitter coffin nails

Black with Gold Nail Short Matte Nails

Want a black coffin design but with a touch of gold. This design is perfect for you if you don’t want something too complicated.

black nails with gold studs

Turquoise Nail Art

Deep Turquoise color coffin-style nails for the extra flare on your ring finger. Classy beautiful design for women looking for a design that is not too boring but not too much.

green nails

In Mint Green

Mint green nails are perfect for springtime but will look good all year round. With the right accessories, this look is sweet and will leave a lasting impression.

mint green nail ideas

Baby Blue Acrylic Nail Art

If you dont know what manicure design you need then just go with something soft and solid. This color is beautiful and with the right wardrobe will look fun and pretty.

blue nail with ring

Dark Green Coffin Shape Nail

For my next look, the ombre look of dark green and black to create this stylish look. This color combination looks beautiful in matte.

Dark Green Coffin Nails

Marble long square nails

Marble nail designs are quite trendy at the moment. This pretty design with white, pink, and gold marbling. Marble design mani with a next-level approach with a luxurious feel.

long pink coffin nails

Red Lips and Glitter Modern Nails

This is an interesting design and worth trying. If you like to design that’s cool and has some story this is probably for you.

long coffin nail designs

Yellow Acrylic Nail Art

This look is bright and has a great design. With nails like this, you will surely leave a good impression on the people you meet who know anything about a good manicure. This design is fun, bold, and a little wild but still earthy. Use this design to inspire your next manicure.


Source: @nailedbyvu

White Coffin Acrylic Nails

Long acrylic coffin nail art color is just so fun. This is an easy design for those just getting into doing their own design. Even with such a minimal design can have a look that will still get everyone’s attention. Playful cute nail art design for everyone.



Black Matte Nails with Crystals

The bold black coffin nail and the crystal make it stand out. Matte colors are in right now, we can’t deny that. The rhinestones stand out with a matte finish and soft lace on the accent nail.

Black matte nails with chunky gems stones

Coffin-style nails are stunning when you find fresh ways to do them like this one. You can really have fun with these so save them for your next manicure.

modern take French tips

Image via Milana.gen11

White Stunning Swirly Tips

These stunning white coffin-style nails are perfect for a minimalist look. The look is dreamy and classy. Coffin nail look that you can wear to any formal event.

french tip coffin nails


Beautiful Mix and Match Coffin Style Nails

Here are mixing set of your favorite colors to create a trending design. I love the light colors mixing with the purple.

coffin purple nail designs

Soft Lavender Color

This lavender coffin nail shape is stunning and the length is not too long either. You can do these yourself just need to have a steady hand and your favorite solid color.

coffin purple nail designs

Blue Jelly Coffin style nails

Cute colorful jelly nails idea with rhinestones and shine.

jelly nails

Image via instagram.com

Spooky Pink

You want something cute for Halloween but without it being black or scary. The latest trends for such a season and can enjoy al;l year round too.

spooky pink manicure design

Image credit @nailsby.yanidh

Fall Aesthetic

Long coffin nails with different touches and vibrant colors for the season. We love how each color stands out

long fall coffin nails

Image credit secret.nail.affair

Pretty Rhinestones and Long French Design

Elegant look with white tips and gemstone lines. The rhinstones create a 21 on it maybe its birthday inspiration idea.

white tips

Image credit @nailsby.yanidh

Glitter Blue Coffin Nails

Adding some glitter is always appropriate and the extra large gem on the center nail stands out. If you want blue coffin nails that is lovely and a good winter choice.

blue long nails with gold gems

Image credit @nailssby.jess

Black and White Flower Power

A lot of people appreciate French tip nail designs, they have been an ever-green idea. With this next design it adds a modern twist to them and having one hand with black tips and the other with white is amazing.

black white floral nails

Sugary pink, heart and Lips

This next nail design features pink nail polish with glitter and white nails. Two fingers in the middle when together create a heart rhinestones. These pink and white nails are charming and quite romantic too.

pink pretty nail

Ghost Face Nail Design

pink glitter halloween nails

Image credit @shopriyaproducts

What are coffin nails?

This shape is similar to a stiletto, but with a squared-off tip, a shape more like a coffin or ballerina.  Coffin nails are harder to pull off than natural nails. If you can grow your natural nails long and with a square shape then good for you. Coffin-shaped nails look somewhat better on fake nails or long acrylic nails.

How to shape coffin nails

To shape these types of manicures, you will need a nail file or emery board, a cuticle pusher, and a cuticle nipper (if needed).

  1. Start by filing the nails to the desired length and shape. A coffin shape has a straight edge on the top and a tapered point at the tip, similar to the shape of a coffin.
  2. Next, use the cuticle pusher to gently push back the cuticles. If the cuticles are overgrown, you can use the cuticle nipper to trim them.
  3. Continue filing the nails to smooth out any rough edges or ridges, and shape the nails to your desired shape again.
  4. Finally, apply a base coat, two coats of your desired color, and a top coat of nail polish.

It’s important to keep your nails healthy, moisturized, and clean, and avoid biting or picking your nails. Consult with a professional if you have any doubts or issues with your nails.

Hope you love these popular coffin nail designs and they were able to give you a lot of inspiration. Coffinnnials are a great alternative to the trendy stiletto nails.

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