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5 Creative Bottle and Jar Art & Design

Bottle & Jar art is a great way to utilize as Designful decor. There are numerous different uses for empty glass bottles. You can turn your empty bottles into a piece of art, or you can create a non-usual use of it by only following some simple steps. Home decors with bottles can be pretty expensive to buy but it can be crafted easily at home with your used glass bottles. Additionally, glass bottles take thousands of years to resolve, so why not decorating your home with these astonishing style bottle decorations and save the environment.

So don’t throw away! Hold onto those lovely artisanal bottles and up cycle them into something great!

Let’s see what we can do!

1. Ropes can be easy to use!

You can start with this simple trick to your design. It is easy, simple and looks astonishing! Instead of rope, you can even use alternative materials such as fishing nets, etc. Don’t limit yourself, after realizing how easy it is. Thanks to step by step explanations, these interior is just minutes away from you.

You can find detailed explanation from “source”


2. Fishnet Wrapped Jar


As seen in the previous image, the same wrapping can be achieved with jars as well. It can be used as a candle holder or simply decor. You can even use for planting some greens in it for your balcony.

You can find detailed explanation from “source”


3. Creative Wine Bottle Lamp

If you want to make your balcony or garden a cozy environment, this might be the best choice for you.  It is not only one of the best way to reuse your used wine bottle but a great decoration for your home and garden. You can find more and detailed explanation in the “source”.


4.Create a new jewelry box


If you are interested in an unusual jewelry box, well you are looking at it. Nothing says I love bourbon and cool jewelry than Jack Daniel’s whiskey bottle jewelry box.

You can find detailed explanation on “source”


5. Upcycle a wine bottle with a map and turn it into a lamp 

Are you a traveler? Then, this is a great model for you! Imagine how authentic and cool it would look in your living room. In my opinion, I would create a bottle for each country/place’s map for each bottle separately. It is a great way to remember those places visited.

For more detailed info, please check “source” link below.


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