46 Coolest Ideas of Cornrow, Lemonade and Box Braids with a Heart

Have you heard that braids with a heart (or many hearts) are a trend right now? We looked through the Internet and found out a few interesting things. First of all, we now know what types of braids with hearts are the most popular. Secondly, we checked out how to make braids with hearts. So, if you wanna know this all too, check out the guide on heart braids below!

First things first. The trendiest ideas of braids with hearts include cornrows (yes, those that are plaited close to the scalp), box braids of medium size (also called the ‘single braids’) and lemonade braids (braided to one side). Hearts can be made out of braids, i.e. cornrowed, or you can part your hair in the form of a heart. Then you may form a high or a low bun out of your braids, or leave them as they are, just adding some jewelry.

50 Pictures of Braids with Hearts
In this 1st section of the article we are going to show you the photos of cornrows, lemonade, and box braids with a heart, as well as other types of plaits with this cute accent. Section 2 will be with videos.

– The most reshared braided hairstyle with a heart. The author of this picture is a really high-skilled braider with a lot of viral photos on her Instagram account. Users like her works very much, and we are stunned too. Just look what a masterpiece!



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