40 Gorgeous Butterfly Braids Every Girl Should Wear

One thing aboutAfrican braidsis their versatility. Just when you think you’ve had enough ofcornrowsandbox braids, you realize there’s a lot more you haven’t tried out. And most of the time, these new ones are variations of basic braids. Take butterfly braids, for instance.

This hairstyle is an offshoot of box braids. Most times, it’s a combo of another variation of box braids—knotless braids.
So, you see they’re all intertwined. But you know what makes them special? It’s the fact that each variant has distinct features that make them unique.

Butterfly braids are one of the braids ruling the hair scene. Its curly look that transforms regular braids makes it a must-wear this season (or any other).
If the time has come for you to wear a new hairdo, give these braids a shot. You already decided to do that? Great!
Now let’s learn more about this hairdo and see some style inspiration for you to choose from.


Otherwise known aspassion braids,butterfly passion braids,knotless butterfly braids, orpassion butterfly braids, this hairdo looks like the usual box braids. The major difference is that it comes with more effects—small curves or curls around each braid.
This is how it works:
Your hairstylist uses any color of attachmenthair extensionto braid your hair into thick curly braids. They incorporate a free water wave braiding hair into the strands to give it a fluffy look.

Butterfly passion braids are beautifulattachment hairstyles. They’reprotective hairstylesthat require little maintenance too.

And if you don’t want the braid options, you can go for butterfly locs. You’ll still look as beautiful as you intend to be.
What Kind of Hair is Suitable for Passion Braids?

Any type of hair can achieve this coiffure. It doesn’t matter if yours is relaxed ornatural hair. It doesn’t also matter the type ofkinky hairyou have.
Once you shampoo and prep your hair before your appointment, your hairstylist would give you a beautiful hairdo.
How Long Do Passion Butterfly Braids Last?

These braids can last up to about four to six weeks. It all depends on how well you take care of them.

What Type of Hair Extension is Used for Butterfly Passion Braids?

The best extensions for butterfly braids hairstyles are attachments. You can use any color of attachment to achieve them. And if you don’t wanna spend time stretching the attachment, go forpre-stretched extensions.
They’re ready to use once detached from the pack.

Besides attachment extensions, you’ll also need freetress water wave hair to achieve the curls around your butterfly box braids.
How Many Packs Of Extensions Do I Need For Passion Butterfly Braids?

This depends on the length and size of passion braids hairstyles you want to achieve.



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