How To Make Knitted Christmas Trees As Small Decorations

Knitting handicraft has came to a place where everything can be made by kintting. Decorations, washcloths, jackets, hats, scarfs are different types of them. Lastly I saw Christmas tree done by knitting. Of course, it isn’t as big as a real Christmas tree. Doing that big one will last maybe some years. So, what I’m saying is, a smal decorative …. Read More


What are the alternatives for guestlover people? How can you make your guests feel relaxed?

For the guestlovers, the comfort of their guests is very important. For those people, who have many boarding guests, the practic ornaments are very important. So they decorate their homes thinking firstly for themself, then for their guests. They even decorate their¬† houses according to their guests. If their guests stay for a long time, they decorate a room for …. Read More


Making Some Art Designs And Having Fun In Christmas

When I see these designs, I go back in time to my childhood. When the New Year was coming, as children we were starting to celebrate it one month before that night. Everyday, our teacher was bringing new materials to us, and we were making different designs with this materials. Candle, cotton, coloring pencils, and colorful papers were just some …. Read More