15 Scary & Funny Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Halloween is in the corner. If you still have your Halloween spirit then there is a must such as a pumpkin carving. We have gathered scary and funny but the best ideas for you. We strongly recommend you to check out this list before starting to carve any pumpkin. We believe you will find good ideas from here. Let’s check what we …. Read More

Book shelf

Check this 10 Imaginative Bookshelf Ideas

Even though it is the internet age, we can comfortably state that nothing will cover the place of books. If you like to read it by holding a book and actually feeling the papers, then these bookshelves may be a very good idea for you. The reason is they are really modern and looks beautiful. There are tons of bookshelves …. Read More


Check Out These Outstanding Backyard DIY Beverage Holders

Do you enjoy drinking in your garden or outside? Are you sick of supplying cold beer right on time to your visitors and miss all the good conversation? Do you always end up serving cold beverages and not getting any chance to start a conversation? Then, you better check what we pick for you. There are numerous garden decoration outside, but which …. Read More


Paint Tips

Home is our safe place. It is where we go when we are sick. It is where we go when we feel tired. It is where we go when we need to relax. As a summary, home is our castle that we feel safe and comfortable in it. We all paint our houses either by a painter or by ourselves. …. Read More



Every living creature deserves a chance to live on this planet. There are is a cycle of life that needs to be continued. We cannot say anything about food chain because the stronger animal may kill the weak in order to feed. However, we never approve killing any animal or creature for fun! There are many animals out there to …. Read More


Vine Bottle Decoration

Wine is one of the oldest alcoholic beverage in the World. It is thought to be founded BC 4100. Since then, it was drunk in many nations without question. A good wine can worth millions nowadays. It is well known that wine has some elegant influence over people. Therefore, using the bottle of the wine for a decoration can be …. Read More


10+ Leaf Decoration – DIY

Are you interested in art? Do you like to hang your own made art pieces on the wall? If your answers are yes, then you should definitely check out these amazing looking leaf decorations for you home.You will be surprised how easy it is to do it You will be surprised how easy it is to do it when you discover the …. Read More


Check Out 20 DIY Apron Styles

Aprons are used in the house for a long time for different reasons and they have numerous of different examples and styles out there. They are easy to make and very cute! If you need them, don’t buy it, first check how to do them. Once you see how easy it is, you won’t spend your money! Because your limit is …. Read More

House Plan


Are you an architect or a designer? Even if you are not, are you interested in houses and house plans? Well, here is a great example for a house plan that we picked for you. This house plan is great for big families. It feels like it represents the American house styles with the size and use of the rooms. …. Read More