10+ Leaf Decoration – DIY

Are you interested in art? Do you like to hang your own made art pieces on the wall? If your answers are yes, then you should definitely check out these amazing looking leaf decorations for you home.You will be surprised how easy it is to do it

You will be surprised how easy it is to do it when you discover the tutorials prepared by skilled professionals. We have picked some of the designs for you and your home. You can discover more design and DIY projects in our other topics, don’t forget to check them out as well!

As for the leaf decorations, you can make these art pieces at your home, easily with your home supplies. You can gather the leaf from your street or anywhere that you find your interesting leaf. You will be surprised how many different designs can be achieved by following some easy steps.

Let’s check out these amazing and easy-to-do leaf decorations we picked for you!

1. Leaf Wall Decoration

If you would like to bring a fall atmosphere to your lovely home, this might be a great decoration for you. If you like this decoration, you can find more detail and tutorial in the below-stated source link. This is a great looking piece and you will be surprised when you find out how easy to do it.


2. Easy Leaf Art

You can also create this wonderful and easy art piece on a canvas. Personally, I have created the similar design with different colors (yellow, orange, green, blue and red.) When you hang all of them, it creates a great and authentic environment in your home. If you like this post, you can find a detailed tutorial in the following link.


3. Skeleton Leaves

If you like modern designs, this is a perfect DIY project for you out there for leaf lovers. As easy as it gets to do it, also you achieve to have an amazing indoor decor for your lovely home. For more detailed tutorial please check below-stated “source” link.


4. Leaf Bowl


Check out this amazing looking bowl! Who wouldn’t want to have it in their home? Is there any other place better than leaf bowl on your table to put your keys, pencils, etc. This great looking leaf bowl is pretty easy once you follow the steps. You can find much more in the “source” link if you are interested. The steps are clearly stated and they don’t let you have a question on your mind.


5. Leaf Jar

Another great design and DIY project! The result of the project is just stunning. You can see that all ingredients can be found at home easily and you achieve a great result. This project is both easy and stylish. Imagine having it in your home. Autumn weather gives a cozy feeling to everybody. Why not carry it inside your home? If you like this design, you can check the full tutorial from the “source” link stated-below.


6. Skeleton Leaves with Color

Skeleton leaves were analyzed in our previous posts. Here is a colorful one! You can add colors and use them for different occasions. If you are interested in this post, you can find the detailed tutorial in the “source” link stated-below.


7. Concrete Leaf Bowl (Including real leaf)

The beauty of this post is that the outcome of the project can be both used for home and garden. You can create a big leaf bowl for a home decoration. Personally, I would definitely use this in my garden! If you like this post, you should check the tutorial in the stated-below “source” link.


8.Another Concrete Leaf Bowl

Here you can see a beautiful leaf design like a frame! As easy as it is to make it, results are just stunning. You can create any color you like with any style you want, as we always say, the limit is your imagination. If you like this post and want to know about how to make it in more detail, we suggest you check below-stated “source” link for a detailed tutorial.


Here are some more examples for leaf decorations!

9. Leaf Art


10.Garden Decoration


11. Leaf Bird Feeder