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What are the Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Some people like to sleep naked, but they get criticism from their surroundings that it is harmful to their health. Being cold, sick is the most popular among these. But actually, sleeping naked is the best thing for us. There are many benefits for your health besides your comfort. According to a research conducted in 2012, only 8% of Americans …. Read More

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What Are the School Lunches Given in Different Countries

Obesity is the most common eating disorder among children today. One of the most important reasons for this is that children are being fed unhealthy in school. Unfortunately, there is a generation of double-edged toasts they have bought from their waters, hamburgers, chips, and chocolates made with meat that are discussed as healthier, and a regular generation of nourishment to …. Read More

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What Happens If You Do Not Sleep for 1 Week

Think about what happens to you if you do not get to sleep to understand the importance of sleep. Sleep deficiency seriously affects the brain’s functioning. Forgetfulness, irregularity, feeling uncomfortable are likely situations. When we sleep only one night without sleep, the concentration is greatly reduced and we have great difficulty focusing on what we want. When we constantly try …. Read More

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What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Onion Every Day

Onion is one of the most indispensable foods in our cuisine, it tastes our food and can be cooked in any way. Onion is among the most recommended foods due to its nutritional properties and benefits. The main component of onion is water, which constitutes approximately 90%. For this reason, it may surprise you that the remaining 10% are made …. Read More


What Should You Do In A Sudden Dog Attack

What do you do if you are attacked by a dog while you are enjoying pleasant outdoors or jogging on the beach? Whether you love dogs or not, it is not possible to panic in a horrible attack on them. The dog who feels that you are panicking will attack you more. What they said; the dogs understand that people …. Read More


What Can You Make By Using Bottle Caps

It is possible to create new and different products by using different objects. It is quite different to evaluate unused objects and enjoy creating new things. With the evaluation of old products, it is possible to reach the decision that you want, without spending too much money. In this article, we have ideas about what can be produced with bottle …. Read More


What Should We Pay Attention When Choosing Curtains

Today, people want to see not only that their home is comfortable, but also modern, stylish and elegant. The designers who are dealing with the decoration area produce goods and accessories in order to create a warm and friendly atmosphere in the living room with this awareness. One of the ways to show a room more beautifully is window decoration. …. Read More