How Can You Clean Your Oven Using Baking Soda

Carbonate is a simple chemical, also known as sodium bicarbonate. You can find the natural mineral form in many different places. With carbonates, you can clean your oven using a natural product. We can say that this natural cleaner will do a good job at cleaning up your oven at astonishing rates, and it’s much cheaper than other cleaning products. …. Read More


Using Old CD’s In Home Decoration

The best part of the designs we can do to ourselves is that we can not evaluate unused items anymore. Old jars, tin cans and similar items can help in many designs. The designs available using these items are available in our other galleries. But now there are CDs. We will be able to make stylish designs from old CD’s …. Read More


What Can You Make By Using Bottle Caps

It is possible to create new and different products by using different objects. It is quite different to evaluate unused objects and enjoy creating new things. With the evaluation of old products, it is possible to reach the decision that you want, without spending too much money. In this article, we have ideas about what can be produced with bottle …. Read More


Make Interesting DIY Crafts Using PVC Pipes

When we think about PVC pipes, everyone thinks that these pipes are used as plumbing materials. However, PVC pipes can be a wonderful decoration material because they are cheap materials and construction materials that can be easily worked on. By using a drill, a bit of paint and glue, you can bring out wonderful products by yourself from PVC pipes. …. Read More


Stylish Wall Decorations Using Wooden Pieces

As a person who loves to use wood in home decorations, I would like to point out that this work is very enjoyable. You can design and use these decorative signs, which are used in entertaining areas like children’s room, home entrance, kitchen, in more stylish shapes in living room and lounges. You can use a wooden board of any …. Read More


Make Your Own Headboards Using Your Creativity

The bedroom is undoubtedly the most important room of the house for us to renew ourselves. If the ambience of the environment is thought to have a direct effect on your life quality, the bedroom decoration becomes a more important action. The do-it-yourself decorating world also offers choices that go far beyond a comfy bed, functional and ergonomic wardrobe or …. Read More


Different Ways Of Using Old Plastic Bottles

Although plastic bottles are scientifically admitted to contamination of nature and damage to nature, plastic bottles are an easy material to reach. However, the fact that plastic bottles are inexpensive causes food and beverage manufacturers and sellers to be the first choice. Of course, one of the things you can do with pet bottles in our lives is to pick …. Read More